About ICNS


In June 1946, a group of mothers met to plan and organize the Irondequoit Cooperative Nursery School. They were looking for a program that would provide their children a good early education and also develop important relationships with other children through play. It is in that philosophy that ICNS was established. 

ICNS consists of families drawn together by a common interest: taking an active role in their children's education.  The school is governed by parents and employs highly qualified, certified teachers who direct the educational program.  Working together, we strive to build an environment in which children can learn through play and begin to make the transition from home to full-time school.

A Cooperative Nursery School ... 

  • allows parents to organize and run the school. Each family assists in the classroom approximately one morning each month and fulfills a school responsibility.  
  • fosters friendships between parents and families.
  • provides an opportunity to observe your child in new situations during assisting days.

Our Goals

  • Teach skills, such as listening, following directions, completing a task, sharing and recognizing acceptable behaviors
  • Allow children to meet and play with new friends
  • Build new relationships between children and adults outside the children's families
  • Nurture self-confidence and independence in children


ICNS is a non-discriminatory 501(c)(3) non-profit organization chartered as an educational institution by the Board of Regents of the Education Department of the State of New York.  The school is a cooperative volunteer organization that is run by the parents of the children who attend.  Although the school has always operated within and been assisted by the Seneca United Methodist Church (as part of its community mission), the Church does not place restrictions on who can enroll nor require that specific views be taught.